Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Eldrad Distraction

I know it's out of order, but I painted Eldrad and he looks great (if I may say so.)

It was for a "build it, fight it" event at FLGS. I bought and built a box of Guardians to go with Eldrad, thinking the Starcannon would work well against the many Marines I was bound to face. I got seriously owned in every battle. The worst was the Marine player who teleported right into my face, rapid fired me with every Marine and killed every model I had but Eldrad before I even got to move. Ouch.

The other Marine player got smoked by the Starcannon, but in the end a captain in Terminator armor with a Thunder Hammer was too much for Eldrad. It only takes one invuln miss at S8 to turn the Farseer of Ulthwe into blood paste.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yriel and Maugan

I've been painting Yriel and Maugan Ra at lunch, and I'm having a change of heart. I've always liked the Yriel figure, but Maugan Ra never appealed to me much.

Painting him, on the other hand, has changed that.

I like painting bone. My Blood Ravens use a great deal of bone colored detail. Maugan Ra has bone. He has tons of it. The "'eavy Metal" studio model has a very cold palette for the bone. I like a warmer one, and I really like Maugan Ra with the bone scheme.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Priority List

1. Yriel (like in the codex: black, bone and yellow)
2. Maugan Ra (Uthwe)
3. Dark Reapers (Uthwe)

after those, the priority becomes
1st troops
2nd Elites
3rd Fast Attack
4th Heavy Support
5th HQ

The batch that I am looking at right now is as follows:
2 x Falcon Grav Tank
1 x Wave Serpent
1 x Fire Prism
3 x War Walker
1 x Wraithlord (I would like to do this one extremely high quality using my new GOLDEN DEMON POWERS!!! (sound of thunder).... 100% gems, freehand, etc.)
3 x Vyper (1 in box, 1 on sprue, 1 primed)
7 x Guardian jetbikes (4 partially assembled/primed, 3 on sprue)
8 x Swooping Hawks (one appears to be Exarch)
7 x Warlock w/ sword (1 missing sword... I will convert something for him)
2 x Warlock w/ spear
3 x Farseer
1 x Dark Reaper squad (5 models)
...and that doesn't even empty the big box!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saga of the Big Box

More than a year ago I received the big box from a commission customer. I had done two Eldar "army box" sets for him, and he wanted to have more done. A lot more. Over time I was way too slow and had to return all the non-Eldar models that were included (some of which would have been quite fun to paint, but hey you can't have everything.)

This blog will... hopefully... chronicle the box as it approaches empty.