Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Officially Hate Those No-Neck Goons

Yeah, it's true.  As great as Eldar jetbikes are, the models for the riders are the worst model in 40k.  Well, the worst one I've painted.  Maybe the old warbuggy orks are worse.

Despite my dislike for the sculpt, I am determined to mine some vein of cool from them.  I've had limited success so far.

On the left of the pic is the converted warlock.  He's looking pretty good so far.

Monday, June 28, 2010

7 Jetbikes ... 6 Riders

While getting the pieces together to finish this batch of work (7 jetbikes, 10 guardians + platform, 8 swooping hawks) I realize that I am missing a rider for one of the jetbikes.  In addition, one of the jetbikes is missing its flagpole bit off the back.  I search the Big Box but cannot find either.  What to do... what to do...

The answer, of course, is to sacrifice a guardian for his legs / left arm and a warlock for the upper half of his body.  A little milliput here and there, and we have a warlock on jetbike nicely underway.  Plus he'll have a singing spear, so that will add a bit of threat range to him.  S9 against vehicles is pretty scary.  Unlike the rest of the jetbikes in the unit, this fellow's cowling will have a facsimile of the bone armor pattern.  The similar coloration should tie them together nicely.  I've converted two of the jetbikes to have shuriken cannons, so this will make a nice 6 model guardian jetbike unit with an attached warlock on jetbike.

Hmmm.... I wonder how I would do a Farseer on jetbike now.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/10 WIP

Just a quick one.

Swooping Hawks: done.
10 Guardians: done... need to paint weapon platform.
7 Jetbikes: 1 done, 3 basecoated, 4 unassembled.