Tuesday, July 14, 2009

October to July? Really!?!?

Okay, I knew it had been a "while" but I didn't realize it had been many months.

Good grief. Hobby ADD.

Anyway, I really, really need to take pics of these guys. Yriel is almost done, and Maugan Ra is looking pretty bony. Dark Reapers are dark. (That sounds like a lolcat, doesn't it. loleldar?)

The sad fact is the more Eldar I paint the more I want to do my own army. I even broke down and bought a single Wraithguard model. He sits alone on the shelf, unassembled and silver. Honestly, I have a hard time seeing myself playing Eldar... I can't make 3+ saves, let alone actually have some tactics that keep fragile T3 guys alive. Maybe that's why I picked a Wraithguard as my first model.... hmmmm. No Iyandan army though... I'm painting him Biel Tan. I just can't resist thorny vines, I guess.

Soo..... by the end of this week I should have some pics! Really!

As to the build-it-fight-it competition, I got smoked. Eldrad rocks, but when your opponent has a full tactical squad of marines, starts < 24" from you and uses his Librarian to teleport the whole squad right in front of your face and rapid fire you down to ZERO models at the beginning of turn 1 then you don't really have much of a fighting chance.

The most interesting battle was the third one, where the last two models of the game were Eldrad and a Space Marine Commander in terminator armor with a thunder hammer. We went round after round, Eldrad slowly eating away at the commanders wounds, while barely making his invulnerable save against the instant death hammer. In the end, with one wound remainging, the marine landed with the hammer and splattered poor Eldrad across the cardboard terrain. Epic.

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bri said...

heh.....i have yet to lose with my Eldar or Dark Eldar! :)