Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lightning Pattern on Grav Tanks

I painted these intertwining lighting bolts on a some grav tanks done at the beginning of the big box, based on pg 74 of the Eldar codex.  They are far easier to paint than I had originally assumed.

Start with a thick white line, and just do a single "bolt" originating at the front and terminating near the engine intake.  It should a fairly distribution of acute and obtuse angles and try to leave some room for the other bolts.  Continue with the other bolts, painting right over the first one.  As long as you can see the intersection between the lines you are fine.  If all you see is a big white blob then you'll have a harder time "knotting" them.

After the lines are painted (and optionally smoothed.  You can do that before or after this step) you need to determine which lines are going to be "on top" at each intersection.  I recommend going to the first intersection past the nose and defining that one first. Paint two thin black lines parallel to the "on top" line to show that the other line is passing under it.  Then follow the "on top" line to the next junction it makes and paint it as the "on bottom" line.  Continue with this pattern as much as possible and your lines will be nicely knotted together rather than just overlayed.

I used that technique here, then used black to outline each bolt for clarity.  I really need to do some smoothing and clean-up work but the pattern is in place.  Doesn't the hull there look tiny compared to the pin vise?

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BigDakka said...

and me and my game crew love them! looks awesome :)