Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Warlocks, Bonesinger and Fire Prism... done!

A Bonesinger of Lugganath and four warlocks of Ulthwe.  The high gloss polyurethane I have on them for protection and the high contrast color scheme really makes them photograph poorly.  Wow.

Fire Prism is done.  It looks pretty sweet too.

All that's left in this batch, btw, is the Bonesinger of Alaitoc.  Come to think of it, the Big Box is getting pretty empty too.  There are 3 war walkers, 2 vypers, a bag of miscellaneous dire avenger/guardians, 7 or 8 jetbikes, a falcon, a wraithlord and a wave serpent.  Then there's a foam tray that has 5 or 6 swooping hawks, some weapon platforms with various guardian weapon crew and a couple more farseers and warlocks.